Mission Statement
Music is something a part of our every day lives, whether you are a singer, instrumentalist, or even just someone who enjoys listening to it. However, many people don't really know the intricacies of making music, or what the phrase "on-key means."

Fermata is a musical term that means "to hold [a note or a chord] for a long time". Through our website, we hope to teach general theory music in such a way that the lessons held forever.

First, read through our lessons. You will learn general music theory.
Second, quiz your knowledge of what you learned through Jeopardy.
Third, jam out to the musical talents that the Academy at Palumbo has!
Morgan Wilson (Coder)

Hey! I'm Morgan. I am a sophomore at the Academy at Palumbo. I like to sing and spend time with friends and family. I wanted to join this competition to challenge my computer science skills and to create something cool with my friends.
Hadi Hijazi (Coder)

Hi! My name is Hadi Hijazi. I am also a sophomore at the Academy at Palumbo. I enjoy playing League of Legends and anything related to music. I want to be a programmer when I am older, so creating this website has been good experience for the future!
Tamir Gorham (Graphic Designer)

Howdy! I'm Tamir and I am currently a sophomore at the Academy at Palumbo. In my free time, I like to cook and draw. I did this because of my love of art and interest in computer science.